Finding my way.

David Seidman

Sometimes, I'm not sure how I made it to this point.

What started out as something I just "did", evolved into something I was able to create for some wonderful people.  Like book covers for Orbit Books and Wizards of the Coast. Comics (both written and illustrated) for Zenescope Entertainment. Even rock bands, like Coheed and Cambria, who have played in front of my artwork on tour. 

But how did I get here? While I always enjoyed being creative, it's hard to remember how everything got so serious and my life started to depend on it. That's not a bad thing mind you, just a different way to think about something you always loved doing. My parents saw my passion and encouraged it.  My instructors saw talent and refined it. Then, at some point after my graduation from the University of the Arts, people started noticing my creativity and requested it.

The process sounds simple, but that doesn't define you. Disappointment, success, fatigue, motivation, sleepless nights and a drive to pursue this thing I could not live without helped lead me to this point.  There is no on/off button, just a complex circuit board that needs all the right components to work. Each day I try to add new parts.  Hopefully, I will never stop building.

Getting to this point and staying here also requires a lot of maintenance.  Thankfully my wife, Celeste, keeps me inspired and functioning on a daily basis.

I have been blessed with recognition from Spectrum Fantastic Art, Infected by Art and Expose art books, and simply love each new challenge that comes with each new client.  For inquiries on commercial or private commissions, or just to say hi, contact me here.

David Seidman